Lights, camera, amazing! Video tips to help you shine.

There are about 4.1 billion people on the Internet—and one third of their time is spent watching videos. In the US, a staggering 85 percent of web surfers regularly watch videos.

No doubt, video is a marketing must. But being on camera can be intimidating. Have no fear! Here are three tips from JPW’s team of seasoned videographers. Follow these and you’re sure to dazzle on screen:

Wear the right outfit. When your clothes are distracting, people stop listening to what you are saying. Keep it simple.

Leave the patterns at home (this includes plaids, herringbone, tight polka dots, etc.) and stick to solid colors. Blues, greens, and pastels tend to work best. Avoid bright red, orange, white and black.

The most important thing is a comfort. When you are wearing something comfortable, you will look at ease on camera. So, put down that new lipstick. It’s not the time for something new.

Know what you are going to say. And then forget everything. Preparation and practice of your script and what you want to say are important when filming. But, don’t get “in your head” too much. The more you think about what you are ‘supposed’ to say, the more stilted you look on camera.

Think of your script as “guideposts”, designed to ensure all your important points come through. But, allow yourself to be in the moment and make the script your own, adding your own personal style to the delivery. Knowing the messaging points, and not the specifics, will help you look more natural on camera.

Relax. Making a video should be fun! Trust you have a team of professionals whose job is to make you look great. This isn’t like an interview with the media. You’re not live.

There won’t be any “gotcha” moments. No trick questions. Only people who are on your side and want to make you shine.

Trust that they got your back, smile and enjoy the ride.

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