JPW welcomes new senior communications manager

Sandra Wellhausen brings more than 15 years of communications and community outreach experience to her role

CARLSBAD - JPW Communications (JPW) is thrilled to announce it has hired Sandra Wellhausen as a senior communications manager. Sandra is a savvy communication professional with more than 15 years of experience developing strategic and integrated marketing, communication and community outreach programs for the public sector.

Prior to joining JPW Communications, she created award-winning communication programs for the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, and worked for two public affairs and public relations agencies. Sandra has successfully led results-oriented communication, marketing and branding campaigns, as well as public participation and community outreach initiatives.

Sandra’s extensive experience includes working with organizations including the U.S. Navy, Port of San Diego, City of Carlsbad, City of San Diego, California American Water and South Coast Water District.

“Sandra has a proven track record of developing effective communications and outreach programs for the public sector,” said Jenny Windle, founder and president of JPW Communications. “And since those are the clients we serve, it makes her incredibly valuable to our team.”

While Sandra has worked with clients in both the private and public sectors over the course of her career, it’s her public sector work that she’s most passionate about.

"I love working on projects that make a difference in communities," she said. "Working at JPW gives me the opportunity to work with a team that really understands the importance of community outreach and public participation for a project to be successful."

In her role as senior communications manager, Sandra will leverage her past experience to support JPW’s nearly three dozen clients, which include cities, water districts, ports, school districts, universities and “government-adjacent” organizations throughout California.

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