JPW Communications projects win state awards for excellence

Updated: May 31, 2018

The California Association of Public Information Officials (CAPIO) recently awarded top honors to several JPW Communications (JPW) projects.

CAPIO’s highest honor—the Excellence in Public Information and Communications Award (EPIC Award)—was presented to the City of San Marcos for a recruitment video and the new city logo, both of which were created by JPW.

JPW’s work with the Western Municipal Water District (WMWD) also earned two Awards of Distinction for pubic outreach surrounding a major pipeline construction project.

“We are committed to raising the bar in public communications, and these most recent awards are validation that make us proud,” said JPW President Jenny Windle. “We are honored to work with top-notch agencies and help them earn this well-deserved recognition.”

The recruitment video JPW created for San Marcos was aimed at attracting more job candidates on social media, a goal it achieved with remarkable success. Before the video only about 10 percent of applicants discovered job opportunities via social media—however, the City says that number has now nearly tripled to reach 36 percent.

“This video was created to attract new talent in a new, effective way. And according to the data, that was clearly achieved,” said San Marcos Communications Officer Sarah Macdonald.

The logo that JPW created for San Marcos also earned top honors for its suburb graphic design. Playing off the City’s tagline, ‘Discover Life’s Possibilities,’ the logo features a stylized compass rose in the “O” of San Marcos, conveying a feeling of exploration. 

“San Marcos has a lot to offer, but we needed a clear identity that piqued curiosity and invited people to come be a part of it all. This logo hits the mark,” Macdonald said.

JPW’s public outreach strategies for WMWD’s pipeline construction project also proved to have tremendous reach.

There were nearly 68,000 social media impressions, and a 61% open-rate for emails sent to more than 12,000 subscribers. This was all in addition to more than 100,000 impressions from mailed postcards; 138,000 impressions from posted signs; dozens of positive news stories and a series of public meetings that attracted more than 1,000 people.

“We left virtually no stone unturned and it has paid off. Overwhelmingly, our community has felt informed and been appreciative of the proactive outreach,” said Western’s Communication Manager Rachel McGuire.

All CAPIO award entries were judged by senior-level government communication officials across the state. Awards were formally presented April 11 during CAPIO’s annual conference in Santa Rosa, CA.

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