Kelly Grady is an accomplished creative director with more than 30 years of experience in brand identity, design and visual communication. Grady’s keen ability to breathe distinctive identities into brands has catapulted several clients to success, including the City of Lancaster, City of Menifee, City of San Marcos, California Association of Public Information Officials, Port of San Diego, Western Municipal Water District, Government Training Agency and Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology.


An award-winning visionary, she blends organizational messaging with insightful images to achieve success among stakeholders. She is highly regarded in the public sector for her inventive, yet effortless designs, several of which have won her top honors in prestigious categories—CAPIO, 3CMA, CalFest and the California Park & Recreation Society. Her work for the building industry has also been recognized with Laurel and Mame awards.


She holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from San Jose State University and enjoys interior decorating in her spare time.

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